The art of loss

 the art of loss 

The wonderful thing about this “human experience” is that you have the power and ability to directly change  your life. In fact, what you feel, think, say, and believe about your life is constantly putting change into motion, regardless of whether you realize it or not. You are creating your life as you go along, so you might as well create it intentionally. All that is required is a choice.


You can choose to continue on with your life as you currently are living it, letting the external world and your past dictate what you experience, or you can choose to create your life to be everything that you dream.

This being the case you would think we humans might be more accustomed to the change process. Instead we often live in resistance, or even fierce opposition, to change, and therefore to life itself. We often sabotage our efforts to change because we fear that if we change, we’ll lose some- thing. Our friends. Our security. Our identity. And so, making intentional change is a process. It involves identifying what we want, anticipating mental and practical obstacles, and creating action plans to get there. It can be challenging, but it’s a process that can be learned and practiced.

But transformation is different. Transformation is an inside job. Someone might change their job, change their relationship, or change their hair. But when someone transforms, everything changes. They don’t just make changes in their life circumstances, they dismantle the limiting beliefs that lead to the undesirable circumstances in the first place. They don’t change an aspect of their life, they change the way they live their life—the way they think and feel—they change their identity—who they are.

 And that’s when you arise as the hero/ine. You choose to take a different journey into who you really are and what you are really meant to do in this world

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