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Homepage Simone Dowding

Expect the extraordinary

I have helped hundreds of highly successful people from sports stars to CEOs reach their true potential through this life-changing method.

Now it’s your time to shine!”

Simone’s unique system combines the most beneficial principles of counselling, hypnotherapy, Buddhist Psychotherapy NLP CBT neuroplasticity and neuroscience in a complete solution based treatment.

Homepage Simone Dowding


What do you want to feel more of in this one wild and precious life?

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Did you know that hypnosis has a 93% success rate?

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Buddhist Psychotherapy

Buddhist psychotherapy has mindfulness at its core.

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Executive Coaching

Transformational techniques and ancient wisdom

the power is within you

Living with Tibetan monks to top-level executive roles, Simone is uniquely placed to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE by discovering how to understand, interrupt and reprogram your mind from negativity, past trauma, conditioning and limiting beliefs

Are you ready to start?

Homepage Simone Dowding

the good news.
When you change the way
you think,
you can change the way
you feel.

Experience deep personal inner change as you immerse yourself in the latest paradigms and models of healing and transformation.

Book now for your free
15-minute consultation.

During your initial consultation, we will  discuss your goals and discover what you want to achieve through therapy. I will then develop a program tailored to your needs. All  programs are designed using hypnosis, CBT, ACT, psychotherapy, affirmation, mirror work and mindfulness techniques. 

** You will also receive a free hypnotic audio designed just for you to take home and listen to for 21 days when booking your first session, post consulation.

Homepage Simone Dowding

I am passionate about empowering people to live a life of meaning and purpose and I want as many people as possible to benefit. I do what I love, and I love what I do. It’s the most rewarding work I can imagine.

The Power of this method
to transform lives quickly
& permanently
is astounding...

What my clients say

Homepage Simone Dowding

“I love working with Simone. She is professional and understanding and provided such a safe and beautiful space for me to transform aspects of myself that have needed to change for years Her technique is like being your own psychologist, illuminating what needed changing and gave me the power to heal my own life.”


Former head of partnerships Ted X

“After years of struggling with limiting beliefs and addiction, I feel like I am now moving towards sustained clarity and deeper purpose with the help of Simone’s work. Through the use of hypnosis, this deeply healing experience has allowed me to shed my coping mechanisms in a time that is fuelled by fear and separation.”


COO and Co-founder Haylo

Homepage Simone Dowding

Listen to a Sample

21 days to a New You.

self hypnosis audios

Self-hypnosis creates a gentle meditative state or relaxation and openness to create lasting changes within the mind.

What would your life be like
if you woke up every day
feeling unstopable?

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Superstar Confidence 

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