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Our professionally produced self hypnosis downloads have been designed to help “reprogram” your subconscious mind so that you can stand tall and achieve what you want to achieve.

Superstar Confidence

The power of self confidence is undeniable and magnetizing. With a confident air you can have an entire room listening to you speak. Even if your topic isn’t particularly captivating, you can be.

Confidence is an attitude of mind, which means it can be changed. You might think that feeling self conscious or anxious is just naturally how you are. But at some point you have learned to feel this way, even if it was so long ago that you cannot remember why or how. The good news is that anything you have learned, can also be unlearned! With the help of self hypnosis you can address any thoughts that may have weakened your confidence and lowered your self-esteem and replace these with better, more helpful thoughts.

Attract your perfect partner

Do you feel truly loved? Do you have that someone special to share your life with? Are you waiting for the perfect soul mate? Do you yearn for the freedom to create the life of your deepest dreams, where you are loved and are loveable? If so, you need to awaken your love from within – like a delicate flower waiting to bloom

But people often struggle in forming a relationship because they do not value themselves enough. Other people pick up on this and so will fail to value you too. So if you really, truly want to attract love, then you need to learn to love yourself first. Once this is achieved you can attract the love that you seek. This is easier than you think, thanks to self hypnosis

Wealth Wiring

Believe it or not,  wealth is an inside job. Your own mind can help you manifest wealth quickly and easily. Hypnosis charges the mind to feel a deep sense of self-worth in acquiring, keeping, and growing your wealth.

It rewires the brain to discover abundance all around you, and be receptive to spark new, inspiring thoughts and money-making ideas and opportunities


It is a frustrating feeling not being able to sleep. It robs us of much needed rejuvenation and causes us to slip from our usual resolve. Our stress levels then increase, creating a vicious cycle as our bodies battle to relax. Do you find yourself unable to relax at night, your mind racing from one thought to another? Have you turned to medication for relief?

Maybe you have given up all together and forced yourself to accept these sleepless nights as just a fact of life. This does not have to be part of your existence. You can be free and enjoy natural, blissful, luxurious sleep.

Controlled Drinking

If the occasional few too many has become a bit bothersome or you would just like to cut back for health, weight, and the untimely hangover’s sake, then there is a possible solution for you, and it’s called hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is an excellent way to permanently bring about behavioural change. Self hypnosis allows you to relax deeply and connect with your creative unconscious mind. This part of your brain holds the root to many of your automatic behaviours and will hold the key to understanding and stopping your occasional overindulgence. 


Weightloss forever

No one  wants to be overweight. It affects our appearance, our comfort, our relationships with others, and can cause health problems. Do you spend half your life on a diet of some kind, losing weight then piling it all back on again, dieting but raiding the fridge at midnight, yo-yoing back and forth but never seeming to reach a permanent, steady, happy weight?

It is hard to commit to a diet or exercise regime for long because they fail to address the subconscious, habitual thought processes that so often block us from achieving what we really want. A different approach is needed – one that helps you to change your thoughts and feelings. Which is why self hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be so powerful

Ultimate Orgasms

Do you sometimes feel like you are unable to emotionally connect with your partner during sex? Do past experiences or random thoughts distract you when you get close? Do you sometimes feel like you’re just going through the motions? Do you desire a deeper satisfaction beyond the physical kind?

Not being able to connect with your partner on this level can leave you feeling frustrated and alone. To achieve the ultimate orgasm, you must find what truly pleases you. Your mind must be in a place where you feel safe enough to let go of your inhibitions and experience with abandon. Hypnosis allows you to relax deeply into a state of total openness. In hypnosis you can be honest with yourself and improve your mind-body connection.

Rock hard erections

Reclaim your confidence and recharge your sex life

Imagine what it would be like to: Allow your body to work naturally again! Feel less pressure and experience more passion! Reclaim your confidence and rejuvenate your sex life.

Self Belief and
Hypnotic negativity shield

Imagine what it would be like to: Treat yourself as a true friend! Let go of any judgement of yourself! Live your life free of fear and limitations! And have your own psychic shield to protect you from others’ negativity. Get ready to stand in your power. Feel protected and live your best life.

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Superstar Confidence