Buddhist Psychotherapy Simone Dowding

Buddhist psychotherapy

Buddhist Psychotherapy will help you achieve better awareness and self-understanding. It gives you the power to then consciously change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting relationships, work and study

It will help you to understand personal difficulties that are repetitive, and why similar issues arise time and again in different contexts and relationships. The aim is to become aware of these patterns and resolve the underlying issues that keep perpetuating the current ones. Psychotherapy helps in resolving past experiences as part of creating the basis for a rich and meaningful life.

master your mind
using mindfulness &
ancient meditation practices

Buddhist Psychotherapy Simone Dowding

Simone will teach you how to master your mind through using mindfulness and ancient meditation practices designed to bring you into the here and now.

These powerful techniques develop the psychological skills to deal with your painful thoughts and feelings more effectively and ensure thoughts have much less impact and influence over you. You will discover how to not get caught up in your thoughts and even challenge them to establish more positive states of mind. Ultimately this is the ultimate self mastery program and once learnt you will be able to implement these principles throughout your life forever.

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